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Know Your Rights: Don't Get Evicted!


Know Your Rights: Don't Get Evicted! is a 24-page comic book made to empower Oregon renters to learn about tenants' rights and the eviction process. Know Your City partnered with Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT) in a year long collaboration, working to gather personal accounts of eviction and resistance. Each story has “CAT Tips,” advice from CAT on how to handle different obstacles described in the comic. These stories will engage and educate tenants and non-tenants alike, acting as a reference to understand the process of eviction, how to identity an unfair eviction, and what to do if it happens to them. Essential topics such as how to respond to a termination notice, what do do if you are locked out by your landlord, or what to expect if you need to go to evictions court. This project was funded by Sappi Fine Paper’s Ideas That Matter grant and Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Illustrator Becky Hawkins from French Toast Comix was selected from a public call to artists, due to her experience with story-telling and her accessible style. A longtime cartoonist, Hawkins' work depict real-life situations, usually drawn from her own life.

Community Alliance of Tenants is a tenant-controlled, tenant-rights organization that works to educate and organize low-income tenants across Oregon state. Through collective advocacy, tenants gain the power to demand safe, stable, and affordable rental homes. More information at www.oregoncat.org.

Interested in a digital version? Download a PDF of Know Your Rights: Don't Get Evicted from our website here.

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