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Comics for Change! 2: Dan Handelman


Written by Amy Harwood and featuring illustrations by Terrence Nowicki, this comic explores the history of Dan Handelman, the man behind Portland Copwatch, an online grassroots forum that advocates for police accountability in the Portland area. The story highlights the climate of Portland in the 1990s, and the events that inspired Handelman, a former activist with Peace and Justice Works, to start the organization.

Amy Harwood is a conservation and public lands advocate, previously serving as the Program Director for Bark, a watchdog group for Mount Hood National Forest. She is currently an organizer for Signal Fire, a program that provides opportunities for developing artists and writers to explore the natural world. Terrence Nowicki, Jr. is an illustrator and designer and recipient of the 2005 Association of American Editorial Cartoonists’ John Locher Memorial Award. His blog, This is Historic Times, is updated weekly and features illustrated and written commentary on world events.   

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