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Comics for Change! 4: Genny Nelson


Know Your City presents the story of Genny Nelson, co-founder of Sisters of the Road Cafe. Written by Christen McCurdy and featuring illustrations by Natalie Sept, this comic explores Nelson’s involvement in local activism, including her role within the Catholic Worker’s Movement and the vital part she played in fostering an environment of hospitality for the city’s at-risk communities.    

Christen McCurdy is a Portland writer whose work focuses on healthcare and social justice issues. She is a freelance journalist and a reporter for the Lund Report, an Oregon based independent Web news site that covers the healthcare industry. Natalie Sept is a an artist and activist living in Portland. A sixth generation Oregonian, Sept has worked with the Right Brain Initiative program through the Regional Arts and Culture Council. She has also managed several local campaigns, including Nick Fish’s 2010 re-election and Eileen Brady’s 2012 mayoral race.

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