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Comics for Change! 6: Kathleen Saadat


This comic, part of Know Your City’s Comics for Change! series, tells the story of Kathleen Saadat, a pioneer of LGBT and civil rights in Oregon. Working as Governor Goldschmidt’s director of Affirmative Action, Saadat fought to unify Portland’s marginalized communities in the campaign against Measure 9, which aimed to restrict LGBT rights in Oregon. Written by Christen McCurdy and illustrated by Hazel Newlevant, this comic offers a personal history of one of the state’s most vital social and political shakers.

Christen McCurdy is a Portland writer whose work focuses on healthcare and social justice issues. She is a freelance journalist and a reporter for the Lund Report, an Oregon based independent Web news site that covers the healthcare industry. Hazel Newlevant is a Portland-raised cartoonist and illustrated who has worked with Top Shelf and Dark Horse Comics. Her self-published comics was recently honored with the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant.

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