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Comics for Change! 8: "Polo" Catalani


This comic chronicles the life of Ronault “Polo” Catalani, an Indonesian refugee and iconic local advocate for immigrant and refugee rights. Written by Lauren Hudgins and illustrated by Asher Craw, Polo’s story highlights his efforts as a social worker and member of Portland’s Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, including his current work as part of the New Portlanders program.

Lauren Hudgins is a writer and blogger at Describe the Ruckus, covering various rumblings within the art scene in Portland. She is also a contributor for Ooligan Press, where she writes about the Master’s in Publishing program at Portland State University. Asher Z Craw is an author and artist; his most notable comic, Zebadiah, has received national acclaim. He was born and raised in the Portland neighborhood of Gateway.

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