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Invasion of the Head-Scratchers: Survivors' Guide to Scholarship Essays


Invasion of the Head-Scratchers is a publication of Roosevelt High School's Unique Ink Publishing. This book serves as a powerful resource and is designed for students who are writing college scholarship essays. Featuring winning essays written by Roosevelt High School graduates, this book will help you brainstorm and find inspiration for your writing. A team of Roosevelt students, mentored by students of Portland State University's Ooligan Press, pieced together winning scholarship essays into a resource for people who are applying for scholarships. This book aims to help different kinds of students, from those with a 4.0 GPA to a 1.0 GPA, and is a reminder that college is attainable regardless of background, grades, or income.

Unique Ink is a student-led publishing center whose mission is to work with the community to publish regional pieces. Our diverse writers use written word to express who they are. The publishing center will enable writers--young and old, novice and professional--to powerfully raise their voices.

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